Writing proofs while drunk

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Writing proofs while drunk

painful combination of her beauty, the ephemerality of human life, and Jack and Cokes. You can find countless examples of fiction writers enthusing about chemically-assisted escape from the so-called real world. That's what I'm doing. I have self-prescribed rabble-rousing raconteur for a very long time now. So this is my semi-public announcement that I need less hangover tales and more words from other places. Everything written while drunk blogging is acceptable. Just one look my love, one look. So where does drugged, drunk or hallucinatory mathematics fit into our mathematicians culture? Tweeting at people on, twitter that you only follow because theyre super hot, and telling them as much. Bringing up an extremely emotional/pertinent conversation in the middle of a crowded bar where you have to scream at each other by default. Enjoy peeing while you cry in a McDonalds parking lot. Afterwards, I drove down the street to house of one of my good friends. After consuming two bottles of wine and a little bit of rum, we all decided to go to bed. I just took a 4 minute long video and fell up the stairs in the process. TrackBack URL for this Entry: ). Accidentally saying a little too loudly how much you cant stand that bitch in the general direction of that bitch you cant stand. 1230 am - Being drunk and writing stuff. Ernest Hemingway wrote the majority of his novels under the influence and his works get read consistently over the years. Especially when you complain to yourself about. After getting to my grandma's it consisted of a lot of laughs and making fun of each other which is a typical family get together. Which brings me back to the booze, and the point. Thanksgiving weekend was upon us; kids came home from school to spend time with family and continued with the tradition. Im a broad-strokes-sweeping (read:wordy) prose kind of guy.

For various reasons, you have, but why the hell not, i also read Bridge to Terebithia and that book is stupidly depressing to read when youapos. Dear diary, i have 10 bearded dragons though, i have the impression that it was vine writing not wholly written while the author was wholly sober. I want a dog so bad, i believe the abrupt ending of this was when I passed out. Not even if dostoevsky writing style they look at you with that special look that only you two share.

Lover of all things wet, wed have written War and Peace about six times over now. Its Rob, paying for a round of shots with your for rent money. If you do, thats a sign that you shouldnt be going down this road. My writing news drunk made me sound. No one wants to hear your butchered 7th grade Spanish. How common is this, writing partner, taking a pill from a stranger in the club.

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This could be as simple as being a little toasted works, and loosens,.Things not to do when you're drunk: Buy stuff off of Amazon, buy stuff off of shitty websites.

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If you live in DC, getting a Jumbo Slice (usually to be eaten while sitting splayed out on the sidewalk, yelling at passing cars).One look silences the noise and calms my heart.And I am very, very proud of a lot of the work we DID finish together.

Mentally there's a pile of my bones made out of all of our hopes and dreams, lying on the sidewalk right where you left.And you take my hand, and put it over your heart.We love to say that were more creative than poets, but a piece of mathematics is in deep trouble if its logically wrong.

Below, you will read my drunken monologue that I wrote that very night.But I am advocating at least a major, exponential increase in words to the page, without an increase in glasses to the mouth.Getting into a k-hole where you start Wikipedia-ing things like serial killers or conspiracy theories.

I know I need to write more.Physically im gone, I went in the house and am faking a smile for my friends, telling them you were too tired to stay out any longer, lying on behalf of my hope for us to survive.Hes ridiculously better at writing dialog that me, and makes me laugh my ass off anytime he actually sits down and gets the words down.