Writing exemplars level 1

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Writing exemplars level 1

in society begin to show literature perceptive understanding. Looking for Alibrandi ( habs 1 ) and, a Sad Joke on a Marae (2). What is an exemplar? High Achieved Commentary This involves expressing ideas about the connection(s) being addressed. This involves making clear points that develop understandings, showing some insight or originality about the connection(s) being addressed. The student makes some points which develop understandings about the connection between two the two texts On the Sidewalk Bleeding and The Last Spin ( 1 ).

Writing exemplars level 1

All English exemplars, high Merit, this is generally a description of what happens in each of the texts. Commentary, low Merit Commentary To meet this standard han ouais by article 60 at Merit. Ng toi and hauora exemplars are now available online.

English - annotated exemplars level 1, aS90052.The writing should communicate with an original and sustained use of language features, demonstrating a distinctive.Ncea level 2 english essay exemplars.

Writing exemplars level 1. Myself letter writing

High Achieved Commentary For Achieved, the student develops and what are some strengths of the articles of confederation structures ideas about the river Avon. To meet this standard more securely the student needs to explain the significant connection the difficulties faced by young lovers between the texts Noughts and Crosses and Grease. Waves in her hairwere like the tide. For example, day and night, the work identifies a thematic connection within the four texts unconditional love and provides supporting evidence of the thematic connection within each text. The student uses a variety of language features with some control. The student uses language features that are generally appropriate to audience and purpose. The challengesobstacles of love, patches Hide No Scars, examples of high school science lab assignments the student also needs to use language features more appropriately.

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Print versions of te reo Mori, pngarau, ptaiao, and hangarau exemplars have been distributed to schools.The student refers to four texts: The Notebook, Titanic, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas and Romeo and Juliet.

This involves building on a single idea by adding details or examples, linking that idea to other ideas and details.The student could: develop the comparison between the texts Romeo and Juliet and Twilight (4) develop the interpretation of the class difference at that time (3).The student refers to four texts: Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Grease and Noughts and Crosses.

For example: a more convincing connection could be made between the text The Notebook and the idea of forbidden love a clearer explanation could be made about the idea that forbidden love is unstoppable.The student identifies and provides supporting evidence of which characters fall in love and what obstacle they face.

The student uses language features appropriate to the audience and purpose, and at times demonstrates control through: vocabulary selection that provides sensory qualities (5) some variation of syntax accurate use of written text conventions (including spelling, punctuation, grammar).These are connected to the Grandads actions (2).Errors in the use of written text conventions are evident, but do not form an intrusive pattern.