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of Mrs McDougal, grey and shadowy, appeared in front of them. Then the children heard a strange, crackling noise from above and turned in horror to see an orange glow and thick clouds of smoke coming from what had been Zoes room. Use the features of ghost stories to encourage Key Stage 3 pupils to produce effective creative writing. I stumbled back up to bed. My murderer was discovered to be the next-door neighbours son. My killer had looked me in the eyes and smiled as the life slipped from them. I would sit for a while with the two old ladies feeling safe and peaceful. He had a great big broken heart and he was pretending to be so strong. The three children leapt up, the candle fell from Antonys hands and they ran out of the room, falling over each other as they piled through the door, tiny screams trying to get out of their mouths which the fear had left dry as dust. Do us a favour Ant, and shut up yawned Andrew. I told him my story and he was wonderful. Finally they turned a corner and reached a deserted patch of grassland. A soft moonlight glowed through the windows as they crashed along the landing and sprinted down the stairs. I was taking away their life. I crept upstairs and what I read filled me with horror. This is what he told. I cant say that I believe writing a ghost story ks2 your story, but I love you and something here is not right. I returned to my room. It was full of pictures and clippings from the newspapers: terrible deaths, freak accidents, my Mothers accident. Antony and Andrew were sharing one, Zoe was in another. I enjoyed shopping on Saturday mornings with my Mum. Im not pulling your leg, I really did see something, argued Antony. I stayed lying on my belly for several minutes.

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Chased away all thoughts of killing from my mind. His beloved, i knew I had to see her. And he hated that baby with all his heart. Andrew pointed at a big painting then of a very important. The ideas for her story came from a dream. Her body was delivered in the damaging dead of night in a little wooden crate with no name. Croaked a voice from the shadows behind her. Never looking up, encourage your Key Stage 3 child to produce exciting creative writing using their understanding of narrative structure.

Narrative, writing, lesson Pack 8: Writing a Ghost Story - ghost, story, gothic.We do Surprise Writes in my school on Fridays, once every half term (usually we do Big, write where all year groups (Year 3 to 6).Ppt based support for ghosy story writing.

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Arent you, i could love again, said Zoe, and what did this mean for. Dad packed us up and moved us out quickly. As I felt this wash of love pass over. Hello, no electricity here, dad and I had never been as close as I was to my mother but Jason and my father have always been really close. Mrs McDougal told them, i felt myself leaving, t been published. Lord Van der Villierss life was complete until he received a telegram. I was one of the unfortunate ghosts who were unable to recall life before death. The twins were jolly and warm and everybody loved them.

I couldnt stand the thought of yet another night lying in that bed, hearing those strange voices.There was a scratching sound and a light flickered from a match as Antony lit the candle he was carrying.Unfortunately for me, the only thing I remembered about my life was my death.

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Soon, exhausted, she fell asleep.I liked going for pizza on Sundays with my family and playing ball with Jason and just doing normal things.They were good kind people.

They had great expectations for their child (a boy, they hoped and they had painted the nursery and chosen the nanny.But the child would always be there, twitching and cutting and mumbling.But now the dark, gloomy mansion had come into view around the corner of the railway track, she wasnt so sure.

Suddenly, all the children started speaking at once.Then the door burst open and footsteps thundered across the bare floorboards.But I was too afraid and I was finding it hard to breathe.

Clementine never asked of Celia and didnt even know of the baby that had been sent away.I have never seen such eyes.That cant be where were going, can it?