When did erin hunter start writing

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When did erin hunter start writing

intense private life which humans dont see. Would you like to tell our readers something more? Writing is a job like any other, sometimes fun, sometimes quite dull. I became a writer almost by accident! Erin Hunter is a pen-name. Yes, there are now four Erin Hunters! I cant quite believe how popular these books are! I am always consulted about my ideas for a future season, but ultimately the decision lies with my American publisher, HarperCollins. There is no better way to learn about different kinds of writing, and which styles appeal to you most.

When they are apprentices, kate, how do you share the work. I had always been curious about what happened to Firestar in the year between the first and second season. I take my dog Missy for a walk on the hills behind my house. And was thrilled to have a chance to create an adventure for him in Firestars Quest. Responding to interviews like this is definitely the fun part. You write with Kate Cary, cherith and Tui take turns to write the fulllength manuscripts which I then sensitive topics list edit to check they sound like Erin throughout. As a child, i write each book as well as I possibly can.

Writing, and lead busy lives with children, friends, and hobbies so we have lots of experiences to draw on when it comes to making.Who is, erin, hunter?Chaucer wrote in Middle English (although of course he didn t think of it that way; he would have said he was writing in Englisshe).

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What does a normal work day look like if youre not like in March 2011 in Germany on booktour?Its best to focus on how good I think the story is, and not let other people influence my opinion.

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Its a great honour to receive fanmail or meet my readers when Im on tour.Thank you for taking the time for this interview.I had so many ideas for a kittypet-turned-warrior that we didnt stop at the first  book, but kept going!

Rider in the Dark.Do their ideas influence the story?All of the kitten characters in the Warriors books have names ending in kit.

When a fan asks for a signed copy of an Erin Hunter books, it is usually signed by Victoria.You have written several adventures for children and youths after your time at the Oxford university,.g.

How important is the contact to your readers?Poetry, plays, non-fiction, even instructions on how to bake a cake!