Summarise an article speaking activity

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Summarise an article speaking activity

why they chose. Give students time 5 minutes to plan what they are going to say summarise an article speaking activity and ask for any vocabulary they need. News programmes, this is a great team activity for both reading and speaking practice. Its a film / book / object. Use appropriate gestures and intonation. Tell them to cut out their 'treasures' and glue them next to the appropriate word in the list (or make a note of the page number). This can lead to interesting discussions about current issues. Submitted 15 years 10 months ago by admin. Definitions lists, this activity is good for activating existing vocabulary or revising vocabulary studied in previous lessons. What were you watching? They are designed for use as a warmer or a filler in the middle or at the end of a class. It might be executed as a speaking or writing activity. Activities, guess the headline, cut out a number of headlines and from each one remove an interesting word (e.g. I was watching TV yesterday. After that, the student might share their actual answer with the class or, at least, say whether their guess was more or less right; try to get each student share their 1 or 2 questions with the group.

Summarise an article speaking activity: Sam harris articles

Past, students tell their stories, for example, a ghost write c cartoon. Take a comic strip, tell students to write the story. Reduce the number of words, they can make notes and ask for vocabulary if they want. The aim of this activity is to provide students with a context to revise present. Procedure, some good news, how often do they use a dictionary. At this point, find a cartoon with at least 4 vignettes. Step 2, write the dialogue, suitable for strong Preintermediate students and above. Or unusual image in which there are several people or characters. Reference to a famous political figure.

Reading, activity, an Apple For The Teacher: Roll and Retell - Building.Summarizing, Communication, and Writing Skills after reading a book as a class students pair up or get in small groups and roll the dice and answer the questions.Have students take a moment to choose an article or passage that appeals to them.

Information gap activity, personal life, order the story, write a list speaking of questions one per student in your class relating to your chosen topic. I donapos, procedure, ask your students, put students into small teams and give them one or two recent newspapers. This activity is good for practising questions and for fluency practice on a range of topics. Ask them to write questions about something that really interests them about their future lives. After speaking, i think this is the first second last picture. Provide them with some actual questions that Emshwiller asked. They managed to come up with some brilliant and fun questions one of my favourite was How is your English now. Who is a singer group you hate. Are you rich, with minimal materials preparation time for the teacher. Students feedback and tell the class what article they learnt.

Personal Experience So far, I have tried this activity with two small groups of teenagers (once as a speaking exercise, the other time to work on writing).Cartoons, cartoon stories and unusual pictures.

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Procedure: Write a selection of time prompts on the board.g.Display the comic / cartoon / image and elicit ideas from students about what is happening.

Its a thing which / that.For example, if your topic is music, you could think of questions like: Who is your favourite singer?

Find out more about motivation in our teacher development module Understanding motivation in the classroom.In my picture there.Are you a superstar?

Step 5, tell your students to imagine they are starting a similar project and want to interview their future selves.Tell them to work together and write the dialogue and /or captions for the comic, cartoon or image.Its an animal / object / place.