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them. Personal values are a direct influence of parents, culture, religion, beliefs and life experiences. My mother taught me the true meaning of treat others how you wish to be treated. This prevents me from mistakes, making poor decisions and jeopardizing the life of others or the reputation of and the organization. My mother is a very honest, loyal, trustworthy person. This value has enabled me to have clear directions and express my opinion in any situation honestly. Growing up and watching her and the way she handled situations has taught me a lot. The community need to know that you respect them and that you do not look down upon them in order for them to open up and believe you are doing your best to protect their safety and enforce the laws. For example, at school, we have to do many team projects; most often, team members may come from total different cultural background, and thus always have different opinions about the same thing. I intend to put my efforts into my family and career to help those in need, and to always strive to be a better person. Friends are always kind and their warms hearts, relieves burdens, and makes one feel honored. I also find myself at times participating in, and doing things for people, out of the simple idea that I would want (and expect) them to do the same for. I learned about the value of education from my grandmother. Whenever I get an opportunity to interact with others, I express my love and create a warm relation. I value conducting myself honestly in whatever I do, without contradicting my words. Harmony has also been a key factor, which has contributed to my achievements. Respect for the Hmong culture is my next most important value. Believing in love is my third most important value. As children grow, their sphere of influence evolves as more outside sources come into their lives. They may vary from which ones we have but we all have some. My brother and I were constantly reprimanded for not being kinder to one another and the phrase of treating each other the way we would want to be treated was a household mantra. Striving to follow rules and do the right thing even when no one is looking is necessary in law enforcement.

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Personal Values Essay introduction, working with individuals that share similar core values as your own and who abide by the code of ethics expected from them is critical in law enforcement or any other profession. I learned this value from my grandfather. In ethics, i strongly adhere copywriter ontario to the code of moral and ethical principles. And I believe he is right. It is important for each person to have personal values and ethical guidelines. At satiation for essays the time of challenges my friends are there to help and encourage. Integrity gives a person strength to make difficult decisions.

My personal values are the biggest part of my character, and I always use them before saying anything or making any decisions.My values come from many influences like; my personal journey.

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Expectations, second, for I understand every person worth as human beings to be respected. Is because I know that I would hold the door open for them. For example, for the last 20 writing to 30 years. Consider their views, i always act respectfully, it never occurred to me before that. We grew kinder and now are the closest of friends. Today it is my duty to pass some teamsnap of those values on to my children so they can become respectful citizens. Loyalty along with respect are essential to the job.

Respect is another value I treasure in my life.Values are important because, Our values (beliefs about what is good or desirable) guide our choices and motivate our actions (Kenyon, 1999,.

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Because of individuals like this the companies suffered major losses and created a ripple effect of awareness.It is them who have the responsibility to show us the values they think are necessary for us to be better humans, better citizens.

An individuals values manifest early on in life and tend to persevere throughout their life time; without premeditated intentions to assess and alter values, they rarely change throughout life (Kenyon, 1999,.I know that someone is and always will be there for me, in bad times or in good times.I like socializing and I have learnt to make friends wherever.

They will help me do many food things in life, for myself and for many other people.The strongest influence comes from parents.Growing up in an extended family household, my grandfather was not only a constant presence in my life, but he was my mentor and my educational advisor.

Loyalty really says it all about an individual because it gives security and trust.Getting a good education is my most important value.