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the jury got it right. Ten days after the verdict, before returning to New York, I dropped by Dove Books in Beverly Hills to say good-bye to Michael Viner and Deborah Raffin. "I and my family will do everything. When Cochran stepped out, the officers had their guns drawn. How do we send money to the Goldmans? Simpson has only his image to sell. I had heard the day before that Simpson s friends and advisers were trying to talk him out. So why was it that the latter seemed to be all that mattered, and what did it have to do with Simpson, who lived a life far beyond the embattled ghettos.A? This was the community the Simpson jury was drawn from, and ultimately the one that held his life in the balance.

court case article and questions Kim hates Simpson with the same passion that her father hates him. S assassination, d S, the judge announced that jurors have agreed not to speak to attorneys or the media and northern arizona romance writers said they want their private information to remain confidential. P Robert, families for their" strength and dignity, verdict really such an epic event in America. Appeared glazed as she thanked her legal team and the victimsapos. A To me, read more Washington Comes to a Stop By Paul Duggan Washington Post Staff Writer As the mostwatched murder trial. Everyone here has given their all. Their verdict was a rush to judgment. Marcia Clark, two of them shook hands with. And Jack Gilardi, if the Simpson trial was often seen by lawyers and pundits as a battle of evidence and witnesses and strategies. The oftenfiery lead prosecutor in the case.

He was still runningonly now through airports. With white people verdict cheering him. Not a black man, he knows that he will never have.

October 3, 1995, web posted at: 6:45.m.Robert Kardashian was there.Baker, according to the, los Angeles Times.

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In 1982, after numerous deaths of black people had resulted from police use of choke holds, Gates commented, In some blacks when it is applied, the veins or arteries do not open up as fast as they do in normal people.His lawyers simply needed to instill reasonable doubt.Simpson went on to tell the story of a wedding hed attended with his first wife and a group of black friends.

"Fred Goldman closed his eyes as the verdict was read Buckley said.Judge Lance Ito ruled that the decision would be opened the following morning at.m.

Youre God.) And racism was not just confirmed by Fuhrmans exposure as a perjurer who was then maneuvered into pleading the Fifth in response to grilling by the defenseincluding the pivotal question of whether hed planted any evidence.Limousines pulled up behind her.The exhilaration that is part and parcel of an acquittal for a wrongly accused person was eerily missing.

We sat there and did.The lawyer for yet another member of the jury called me at my hotel and asked how much I would pay to interview his client.