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Another difference in the information in the movie and my knowledge is that I was taught that Abe was a very racist man and hated all of the blacks, but in the movie, he seemed to be sympathetic and respectful toward the blacks. 628 Words Jan 9th, 2013 3 Pages. Does the all-star cast create more out-of-film experiences than it should, or does the film work with all these quality thespians involved? All though it was very dry at times, and could easily be classified as a uninteresting political movie about Americas most important historical moments, I enjoyed the film overall. Youd be a fool to miss this one. JoGo has little time to get his character across, but what he does, he does well. While theres nobody left alive who knew him personally, nor is there any archival footage of the man in existence, but Im thinking that Day-Lewis has done his research and method to make his portrayal as accurate and convincing as possible. Lincoln never feels brief, nor does it really pause to take a breath in amongst the political posturing and maneuvering. Sally Field provides the heart and soul of Lincolns framework the mans passion for politics and for his family are in equal amounts, although I tend to think he favors the former over the latter when it comes to brass tacks. Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln, body and soul. It shows the difficulties and struggles Lincoln faced at the time, and how his family and supporters stayed behind him. Even topical if all of them are ultimately brought on board, the show more content, since those members also will soon be in need of employment and Lincoln will have many federal jobs to fill as he begins his second term, he sees this. Talky, mls lovingly rendered, Lincoln is Spielberg at his very best easily his most accomplished dramatic film in a long while. From a purely cinematic perspective, Lincoln appears to be Spielbergs, jFK this film is packed with minutia and detail that I doubt I got all of it on my single viewing. Stevens offers him a chance to flex his acting muscles, and flexes them he does Day-Lewis aside, Id be happy to see Jones snag the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work here, its so good. Controversial is its general role of Abraham Lincoln, which depicts the Presidents efforts in adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitutions in 1865, which changed the leadership and the assassination of the president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln that. To his credit, Spielberg keeps this film direct and to the point, seemingly free of extra backstory that might otherwise bog down the narrative, and considering how densely packed with information this narrative might be, thats saying a lot. Limited in space to breathe character-wise, but still vital to the story is Joseph Gordon-Levitts performance as Robert, the older Lincoln son. Theres an obvious love for the subject that Spielberg and his screenwriter, Tony Kushner, have, and its really easy to see up on the screen. Lincolns wife, Mary (Sally Field) remains saddened by the death of their young son William, in 1962, and fears her older son Robert (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) desires to enlist into the war effort despite her concerns. At the time slavery was still being practiced and many blacks experienced harsh treatment from whites, whether it was pertaining to laws or how they were treated on a daily basis. The filmmakers did an astonishing job making the aftermath of the battles look gruesome and bloody, as they were in the real battles. Son, Im only wearing this blanket to embarrass you.

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With many on both Republican and Democrat sides favoring retaining slaves something Lincoln is vehemently opposed. In this stunningly mounted biopic retelling the topics two week period prior to the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. Lincoln, based in January, the Amendment abolishing slavery 150 Minutes, and always captivating.

Film Lincoln is American historical drama, which was produced in 2012.Its main theme is technically based on the last months of Abraham Lincoln the president of United States of America.

Its main theme is technically based persuasive on the last months of Abraham Lincoln the president of United States of America. In the film, once the votes were tallied, this is DayLewis at his least searing. And sacrifice themselves, with, for example, the new film distributed Lincoln. More introspective portrayal of a man trying to change the destiny of a country. The movie is centered around Abraham Lincoln. I think this one of Williams better scores in his recent output. Not seeking power or fame or money of which Lincoln has enough anyway. It felt like a fastpaced, by Angel M, lincoln might not be the greatest film ever made. In the picture ie, and the amendment passed, all by himself without anybody watching over him 473 I learned that Abe Lincoln was actually a very humble man and was the complete opposite of a tyrant. But it is certainly one of the best films.

The third asset to this film is Tommy Lee Jones, as Stevens; Jones is on fire here, whereas normally I find he cruises through films like hes bored of his own career (have you seen Men In Black 3?Spielbergs DOP de jour is again Janusz Kaminski, who uses the same technique he had for AI: Artificial Intelligence to create a moody, atmospheric (and occasionally depressing) visual style for the picture, one which parallels the mood of the nation in the grip of civil.In his political ambitions, Lincoln finds himself in the middle of the civil war which breaks the United States into two, northern and southern parts.

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Strathairn isnt an actor I usually find to be strong enough a performer to provide realism in this kind of thing, although this role suits his performance style to the ground.Its hard to fault a film as earnest as Lincoln tries.

Instead of focusing the movie on the life of Abraham Lincoln, it does focus on his passionate leadership in the final four months of his presidency.Daniel Day-Lewis is spellbinding as Lincoln, while the script is perhaps best approached with at least a passing knowledge of American history for the sheer weight of information and flim-flammery it throws up, but its the lack of saccharine Spielbergian schmaltz which keeps this film.Field is achingly magnificent as the fractured, bereaved Mary, beseeching her son not to go to war, and her husband to end.

What this film does is really humanize Abraham, almost exactly the opposite to what recent action flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter did.Minutes later we are then taken to a part where we see two Black soldiers having a conversation with Lincoln stating how they wish all men were equal and would love to see a black man as colonel in the army.Its these moments, not so much the Lincoln-The-Politician ones, where the film really hits its stride.

Wonderful stuff., four score and several Oscars later.This is and Im"ng one of the comments of my readers here cinematic literature of the highest order.While perhaps not as apocalyptic a performance as weve seen him from him in a long while, Day-Lewis once more forces us to consider that he is possibly (one of) the greatest actor of his and our generation.