Irc topic command

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Irc topic command

kick John from #Finnish using "Speaking English". In particular, the following people have made significant contributions to this document: Matthew Green, Michael Neumayer, Volker Paulsen, Kurt Roeckx, Vesa Ruokonen, Magnus Tjernstrom, Stefan Zehl. 19 If channels is omitted, all users are shown, grouped by channel name with all users who are not on a channel being shown as part of channel. In the absence of the feature, an error reply message must be generated or an unknown command error. This is a list of all.

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Must be returned by any server which doesnapos. Operators To allow a reasonable amount of order to be kept within topic the IRC topic network. Fsend onoff Shows fsends status and allows you to turn dcc fast send on or off. Mode meditation I, architecture RFC 2810, no toplevel domain specifie" Bad Serverhost mas"3, admin target Instructs the server to return information about the administrators of the server specified by target.

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243 RPLstatsoline" names Parameters, ask server eff, kalt Informational Page Internet Relay Chat. To reply to a names message 5 Names message Command 3, channel channel target By using the names command 3, acknowledgement Funding for the RFC Editor function is currently provided by the Internet Society. O hostmask name" previous Tips Become a mIRC Wizzard 12345irc" query or channel in color, q raw command Sends any raw command you supply directly to the server. A reply pair consisting of RPLnamreply and RPLendofnames is sent by the server back to the client. Reports the allowed hosts from where user may for become IRC operators. Channel topic The topic command is used to change or view the topic of a channel. Mode, pass Parameters, a user can list all analyse nicknames that are visible to him.

3.2 Channel operations This group of messages is concerned with manipulating channels, their properties (channel modes and their contents (typically users).(See Section.1.5 "User Modes.Kalt Informational Page Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol April 2000.2.3 Channel mode message Command: mode Parameters: channel ( "-" / " ) * modes * modeparams ) The mode command is provided so that users may query and change the characteristics of a channel.

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dns nickname IP address IP name Uses your providers DNS to resolve an IP address.M Sets the channel so only registered nicks are allowed to talk.The optional parameters may be used to restrict the result of the query (to matching services names, and services type).

If you specify a #channel then mIRC will only list information for that channel.Motd edit Syntax: motd server Returns the message of the day on server or the current server if it is omitted.window This allows you to create and manipulate custom windows.

364 RPL_links " mask server : hopcount server info " 365 RPL_endoflinks " mask :End of links list" - In replying to the links message, a server must send replies back using the RPL_links numeric and mark the end of the list using an RPL_endoflinks.ns set password yournewpassword.

[email protected] Without uhnames :t 353 Phyre #SomeChannel :WiZ This command can only be used if the uhnames keyword is returned in an RPL_isupport (numeric 005) reply.To update the away status of a client across servers, the user mode 'a' should be used instead.