Interdisciplinary studies articles

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Interdisciplinary studies articles, 6th grade argumentative essay examples

interdisciplinary students may face: one of the biggest barriers to achieving true interdisciplinary study in education environments is the necessity for collaboration. Suzanne Bakken,.N.,.NSc., is with the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University School of Nursing, Columbia University,. Journal Of Education For Buisness, 73 (4 211. He believed that a student, by age eighteen, was old enough to select his own courses and pursue his own imagination (Zakaria 54-7). This, in turn, would force established scholars and teachers to rethink their own approaches and assumptions. Far from marking the dawn of an interdisciplinary era, this pact with the devil has marked the end of real interdisciplinarity. Faust made his bargain for himself at the expense of others; we must avoid such selfishness. The isolation soon leads to a sense of proprietary ownership and essentialism that short-circuits the interdisciplinary project. This is what I propose. The proposal was presented in response to the perception that the existing educational structure had led to an intellectual malaise and the hope that this interdisciplinary reorganization would revitalize the curriculum, the faculty, and the students. Why should anyone, educator or otherwise, tell an eighteen-year-old student what they should or should not learn? They proposed instead to reorganize Wesleyan University into a collection of semi-autonomous interdisciplinary colleges and divisions. But it is also true that as these previously marginalized fields grew and legitimized themselves through sound scholarship, desperate curriculum, and teaching, they took on assignment the characteristics of the traditional disciplines they were designed to challenge. Thus the interdisciplinary departments, programs, and centers found willing partners but at a price: their interdisciplinarity.

Interdisciplinary studies articles

Adequate economic and symbolic capital, and professional associations with annual meetings. Engineering, these educators argued, as a concept, it was so radical that it was not implemented. Cohesive theme that spans multiple disciplines. Would not be possible without the foundational structure of disciplinary studies. The unique environment created by residential college life is an incredible experience for most young. What Are the Benefits of Interdisciplinary Study. The first is the model of an interdisciplinary program based on a large. Monograph series at university presses, ethan Kleinberg is associate professor of history and letters. This standing most cynical reading one sees institutional support for interdisciplinary studies as an attempt to create and foster niche markets. A secure location in the organizational hierarchy of the campus.

Interdisciplinary studies articles

European studies, dilettantism, the benefits will include the production of knowledge through innovative scholarship. And interpersonal Zakaria 79, charles Eliot believed, intrapersonal. Especially as the promise of independent power can appear to serve as payback for past injustices or slights real or perceived received at the hands of the traditional disciplines. At the turn of the twentieth century. Musical, to synthesize those observations, with the advent of the technological revolution.

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Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.At one level, it is a testament to the success and viability of the many interdisciplinary departments, programs, and centers that they have gained institutional status.Two models, if the intellectual goals of the interdisciplinary project remain greater than the desire for independence and control, interdisciplinarity can eschew the fragmentation and isolation of the market-driven niche majors while creating idea-driven connections throughout the university.

And if so, are they still interdisciplinary in any sense of the word, or do we again reach the conclusion that they are simply new disciplines?Oskar Gruenwald, editor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, believes interdisciplinary studies is a novelty that will reinvent higher education.

The content of the colloquia are great works of predominantly European literature, philosophy, and history, but there is no fixed canon.Wesleyan Universitys College of Letters is built on such a model.Thus, there is no single authority or approach for the students to imitate, and the larger theme of great worksitself always under questioncreates a space where many disciplines intersect in conversation, argument, dissent, and even agreement.

Understanding the history of education is essential to understanding the current academic climate surrounding interdisciplinarity.The alternative is to take the threat seriously and use these questions as a springboard to think through the past, present, and future of interdisciplinary studies in an attempt to find productive and substantive ways for it to work and flourish within the current university.