Guide to writing fantasy

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Guide to writing fantasy

I Am Legend and the Maze Runner books allude to a deadly global pandemic, while The Hunger Games and The Road both choose not to disclose the manner of the cataclysm that preceded their events. Your protagonist, or one of your characters, will just wake up, go to work, and then continue through his or her day. Remember, you cannot just play mix and match with mythological creatures and see what comes. The word ' fantasy ' usually brings to mind tales of a magical world where dragons, heroes and incredible lands are filled with dangers at every turn. For marketing unique world fantasy subgenres, work with the traditional fantasy image. Worlds exist in separate universes, and wouldn't normally impact each other. If you have faeries in your world, then at least one character must be a faerie. Fantasy, writers of America website, contain suggested questions about everything from social organisation and government to the rules of magic and technology. Science fiction is often guilty of this problem, where the romance is either neglected or just happens in what seems like out of the blue. The best way to complete your world is to imagine one day in the life of your character. Youll need to decide which of these settings best serves the particular story you want to tell. A very good example of magic changing the face of the world in urban fantasy can be seen in Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. Martins series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The Hunger Games trilogy, perhaps the most popular of the bunch, has spawned a plethora of YA novels set in reimagined versions of Earth, and its easy to see why. What types of jobs do they have and why? We will tackle the limits before we talk about consistency because you cannot have consistency in a magic world without limits. Its the very essence of any good fantasy or science fiction story, and the basis of a sense of place in other genres. If at least one of these worlds falls into the above three categories (unique world, alternate world or paranormal it is fantasy. However, beware of using the danger of physical death to the protagonist, because that one has been so overused it has become a cliché. Image via Pexels Audience and marketing Supernatural fantasy tends to appeal more to adult men, and readers of crime, horror and thriller genres often dip into this subgenre. Subplots can focus on major characters, minor characters, the protagonists relatives and friends, small mysteries that do not require the protagonists immediate attention. Otherwise, you can make up your own myths and mythological creatures, especially with the help of two books: The Golden Bough, by James George Frazer, and The Hero with A Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. Now, if youre not a writer of fantasy or science fiction, by this stage youre probably wondering whether theres 4th grade essay writing any point in learning about world-building. Common elements Typically the other worlds that characters travel through are not widely known. They either stumble upon another world, or some external force brings them there. However, if you tip the scales in the other direction where your character is so underpowered that he or she needs everyone else to help him or her with his or her problems, you will end up with a protagonist whose only agency.

Challenges and consequences you should examine through your alternate setting. You can expand the world, however, they are the essence of the changes. Speak with your senses Building and developing a sense of place is a great excuse to flex your descriptive muscles. You can write many different stories in an urban fantasy world. A clairvoyant cannot see everything all over the world. A psychic cannot read everyones minds, s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll The Magicians by Lev Grossman The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny All Souls like Trilogy by Deborah Harkness Image via Pixabay Creating crossgenre subgenres Even more fantasy subgenres are created when elements. Bonus points if youre writing about the place in which youve grown up or spent the majority of your life.

Publisher, and each lends itself well to different systems purposes. It doesnt mean that your story will automatically be bumped into the paranormal romance genre although. Even if you invent your own myths through and legends. Think of it like a circle.

Paranormal romance, however, is very popular among women and young adults.You dont want readers to feel like theyre simply being spoon-fed a bunch of facts, details and history.The city There are two different ways that you can portray the city: as it is, or as it would be because of the magic.

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On the other hand, in the urban fantasy world, you can have a vampire laughing at Nosferatu, or you can have elves using Snapchat.Naturally even if only subconsciously you will adapt and incorporate some real-world elements into your imaginary setting and story, using them as a base of inspiration.An old myth can hold the key to the resolution of your plot.

Magical humans are usually people who can use magic (any type of magic).While there are certainly niche fan groups devoted to werewolf-romances or zombie-apocalypses, you will gain a bigger audience by hitting larger romance or horror groups.

Maybe magic is too rare, or too unpredictable.Less is more, even in urban fantasy.

The existence of magical creatures is a closely guarded secret, and this mysterious and shadowy nature often overlaps the subgenres with horror.As well as adding depth and relatability to your story, such a setting also poses questions about the concept of an alternate reality.Remember, the urban fantasy world is most often similar to ours with the minor difference that all (or a certain number of them) myths and legends are real.