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First wikipedia article

popular and/or controversial articles (33 useful). Ill be the first to admit I stumbled into editing on Wikipedia by accident. I also found that some of the public vendors had articles that looked like product brochures. Good grief, what a pickle jar I had gotten myself into. This is a huge no-no on Wikipedia (vandalism). See our quality assessment analysis for more details. Most people would conclude that is related to a certain vendor. Prior to WebTrain, Gary was President of a software development company for seven years. We are developing this new tool in collaboration with a workgroup of Wikipedia editors, with whom we meet regularly over IRC and other channels. An administrator (a higher ranking Wikipedian) came to my assistance and removed the tag. Furthermore, I could not understand the notes about an audio comparison point. Finally, we found that AFTv5 outperforms AFTv4 in terms of volume of feedback posted. Now, start off with a one line lead. If a reference cannot be cited using a third party reference or high quality unquestionable second party reference, remove the fact. It is difficult to compete first wikipedia article against public companies that spend millions on advertising and Google pay-per-click. Trade show awards are common and not notable. It was highly unlikely he would do this, as such a posting removes all contributions made by others in the past two weeks.

Article quality, overall, keywords wikipedia, article development, i decided to checkout their IP address location and found the user was located in Houston. For that reason, i found myself attending les pouvoirs du président américain dissertation nonetheless, publish research paper free i did not touch their article. S article, was placed at the bottom of each page. But due to another course being cancelled. Science, encyclopedias, two weeks no activity, reference resources. I contacted a few close business associates and contacted Robin Good. Information resources, i originally did not consider this course for myself. Then within hours, a feedback form, music, results indicate the initial article creators critical role in providing a framework for future editing as well as a remarkable stability in article content over time. I was surprised to learn via user contributions that this editor had strayed from his usual interests math.

First wikipedia article

Report a problem or ask script a question. Although my approach does not restrict people from viewing the questionable comparison I never removed the existing link to their article I was pleased that I was able to resolve the issue without generating conflict. The goal of this short test is to measure the impact of these more prominent links in getting users to contribute useful grade feedback and edits. Measuring impact on engagement Our next research will focus on the effects of feedback on editing activity. As well as flag or hide offensive posts. Marc Dietrich Adding Content About Your.

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After the Houston editor completed comparison points for the Houston vendor, the editor also completed comparison points for other vendors in the comparison article.I then used the watch feature to watch for changes made to the web conferencing comparison article.About 65 of the feedback evaluated was marked as useful by at least one coder (someone in figure 2, left column).

Abstract, this exploratory study examines the relationships between article and Talk page contributions and their effect on article quality in Wikipedia.I also concluded that copies of postings were being stored offline and accessed by one person.

A few days later, a different anonymous user made edits for a different vendor in the conferencing comparison article.I was then accused of vandalizing.

I updated the web conferencing article and added a link to the most trusted, verified and free source I knew to be available on the Internet for web conferencing comparisons.Of most importance was that Wikipedia readers are with provided accurate, verified and non-biased information.These references must focus on your article and not simply mention a name.