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traffic to the article, bookmarking of your site and an overall increase to your repeat. You dont need to out-do these examples to be successful.

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5K facebook likes too, scanned the article text and that was that. And then also link to those resources from the pillar page itself. As Pat states in his podcast post. My daily videos take less than 15 minutes to shoot and upload.


Characteristics of, pillar articles : The definition of pillar article is not limited to one single concept.A How to article, A list article.

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What might make it better, definition and Opinion formats for blog posts. Cater To All Learning Modalities Everyone has a preferred learning modality. I still think it would be nice to get a PDF copy of the guide 33 SaaS examples of pillar articles DNA Projects Anatomy of a SaaS examples of pillar articles Marketing Site The Saas DNA project offers communitydriven SaaS research. Rudra Deva, when I first wrote about the Pillar Article. Artificial intelligence, education, more content is being created by more people on more websites. Another very popular infographic that has been viewed more than half a million times it is the top infographic on is the Should I Text Him flowchart.

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Few other industries have adopted pillar pages or topic clusters as aggressively as the marketing and tech space has, so if youre in another industry, you likely still have a chance to become the early adopter and be the one who sets the bar for.Thats still a great format, but if you want to increase your chances of bringing in rivers of traffic, rather than just trickles, you need to super charge your lists.Pick one format, video or podcasting or writing, and put in the time and practice to develop a skill.

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Blog an example of this format, although its not dynamically updated, its more like a library set in a specific order.How To Write Great Blog Content The Pillar Article.

They are seven years apart in publication and its pretty clear Pats article has way more value than mine, yet all those years ago thats all I had to do for a pillar effect.On this blog I could do a list of the top 50 most successful self made internet millionaires scribbles note on to-do list.The temple is a fine specimen of architecture and sculpture with One thousand pillars.

Thats where your blog and your how-to articles come.Other sites online reference and link to your article in their content, people talk about your article and recommend it to other people, possibly in real life and also in online media like videos and podcasts.

They are always big, sometimes several pages long.Write an article and do a quick talking head video reviewing the same content.The bill died before it even got out of committee, and no other legislation is pending.