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not simply to impart knowledge but also mould the habits, traits and character of pupils. He should decide how much work is to be done in a particular month and in a particular week. On the first day of class, she invited us into her personal life by telling us everything there was to know about her. He has to make seating arrangements, distribute equipments and keep it neat and clean. Dr,.A, Piry says, essays If a nations teachers are C3 the nation itself cannot but the C3, and let there be no doubt about this if we wish to be an A-1 nation our teachers will have to be A-1. It is evaluation which will throw light arguement on teachers work and pupils achievement. For this he should have literary tastes. Professional Efficiency: Knowledge of the subject matter is not sufficient to be a good teacher. Role in Teaching: Teaching is the first and foremost duty of the teacher. The teacher has to attend to a number of factors while working in the school. This could be things such as stickers or stamps on their homework and tests. Only then he will be able to develop social virtues in students. This year, I am a teachers aide in her class, and this experience has given me insight into how well her teaching style helps her students succeed. I hope that throughout the rest of my life, I can demonstrate the same great qualities that I find in her. Teachers have a lot to do with motivating show more content, the curriculum then becomes more relevant, therefore the motivation for the students to accomplish the tasks increases. Having these characteristics would mean nothing if she werent also trustworthy. If a student is bored with the content, they are not going to want to learn. Activities of the pupils are also to be planned by him. Gagnon has influenced who I am as a person. (5) Sense of Humour: advertisements: In the school, the teacher should have smiling face and a cheerful look while teaching.

I can be trustworthy and hardworking. The subject matter not only essay on teacher has essay on teacher to be relevant but it also has to be stimulating to the students curiosity. M MLA, he should have sufficient general knowledge. Or it could be receiving verbal or written praise. Chicago, the teacher has to organize a number of activities in the school.

Workshops, he should plan use of teaching aids in advance. Parents teachers association may be organised by the teacher. We are however convinced that the most important factor in the contemplated educational truth philosophy essay reconstruction is the teacherhis personal qualities. The teacher has to supervise a number of tasks and activities. Which is an exciting and easy way to review the information. For high schools, they can teach you the importance of trust. It could be just the thing that motivates certain students. Role in Supervising, activities on the part of pupils should be properly stimulated and directed. His professional training and the, the importance of the teacher is also stressed by the Secondary Education Commission 195253 in the following words. He should attend shortterm refresher courses.

Another important thing that she has taught me is to believe in myself.Teachers are much like a second parent, and you could say that they spend just as much, if not more time each day, with a child than parents.Gagnon takes her time to get to know each student as an individual.

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Giving children the support for learning by welcoming their questions and encouraging exploration is very important for teachers.Whether it was intended or not, she taught us that it was okay to let people into your life.

Advertisements: Read this article to learn about the qualities, roles and responsibilities of teacher in a school.However, trust with her is never a one-way street.Role in Recording: The teacher has to maintain record of pupils achievement in different subjects and activities.

(2) A man of character: The teacher should have high moral character.There are very few kids who dont do well in her classes.

The classroom also has to be seen as a caring and supportive place with a sense of belonging.Role in Evaluating: Work of the pupils and their participation should be evaluated by the teacher from time to time."A Good teacher Essay.".