Deep journal topics

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Deep journal topics

help you get started in keeping a journal, or as additional inspiration for dedicated journalers. What is your favorite cliché? Theyre deep journal topics definitely not questions you want to bust out at a party. What would your perfect day be like? Make sure you give an explanation for each of the things you add to your list. . Buy art books that are at a discount and cut them up for images. Philosophical Writing Prompts, you can use these writing prompts in any number of ways. Online journals are private and confidential, so you can write about anything you like. If you could have dinner with anyone currently alive, who would it be? Did you get caught, or did you get away with it? In the distant past, a persons life was very similar to their grandparents and grandchildrens lives.

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And lots of it, what is your most vivid publish memory of the américain kitchen in your childhood. Ask If Questions These prompts were inspired by the book If Questions For The Game of Life. What comes to mind when someone uses the phrase prolonging the magic. Is there anything you need to be forgiven for.

If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster. Try browsing through and find the perfect question to ask. Write about places you wish to see. The universe, what effect grade 8 essay examples does music have on you. Is loyal and trustworthy, is there life after death, what three things would you take with you. Can the existence of a higher power ever be proven or disproved. The stars, us, where does it all come fromthe earth. Have you had a plan fall spectacularly to pieces, what regrets would you have about your life. If you died today, do you need to indulge yourself more often.

How would your best friend describe you?If you could tell the world just one thing, what would you say?

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Write a fan letter to your favorite actor/actress.What are your religious beliefs?

Write about lost friendships.Rituals and Traditions My favorite Sunday ritual.Describe the most outrageous thing anyone has dared you.

What did you learn today?Have they changed, or have they always stayed the same?Do you have any famous or high profile family members?

Write down confessions of your deep down secrets that you can't tell anyone.What is the most amount of money you have had at one time?