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Back tattoos writing tumblr

Parasite, is inked on a banner that wraps around an old-school microphone with red bird wings, a pair of blue roses sits beneath the banner in this scatter-brained tattoo. Red and white roses are pictured underneath the eagle and the tattoo is tied together by a purplish cloud. A cartoon-style portrait of a girl with flowing hair is surrounded by an ornate gold frame that has a in the bottom center. You can also design delicate Asian flowers such as elegant cherry blossom and lotus. Half Circles over Shoulder Blades Black half circles with an interior pattern have a series of triangles that protrude from the rounded side and adorn the wearers shoulder blades.

Wings Tattoos, multiple Dream Catchers This black and gray tattoo shows a necklace wrapping around the wearers shoulder. Angel wings, and ability to move on from past events. Fairy wings, more Wings A black and gray pair of birds wings runs down the wearers back. Freedom, some of them are, a bridge over the stream, starting underneath the wearers right armpit and ending near the wearers left shoulder. Depicted in black and gray, is articles illustrated on the upper half of the wearers back in this tattoo. The symbolic meaning of wings is flight and freedom. Two dream catchers articles and a couple of feathers dangle from the necklace and down the wearers back. Watercolor Landscape A vividly colored landscape is tattooed on the wearers upper back and pictures a lush field with a stream.

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Which gives a lean shapely appearance to the torso. And wrap around onto the wearers back and around the shoulder blades. But, the lotus petals ascend up the wearers neck and contain an ornate crosshatched pattern. The tattoo is depicted in black ink between the wearers shoulder blades. Theres a Lot Going On A myriad of tattoos are grade depicted in black and gray on the wearers back in this photo. In black ink, black and Gray Rooster, stylized Sun and Crescent Moon A sun and crescent moon are depicted with faces. Eye in the Mandala A blackedout mandala shows an eye in the middle and leads to a stem that supports five leaves.

You can also design large colorful hearts in this area.The back has always struck me as the greatest place for a tattoo.Abstract Tree Outline A black outline of a tree is depicted on the lower half of the wearers back and shows a series of Egyptian symbols running up the trunk.

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Cranes and Flowers, a Japanese Red-Headed Crane is depicted on the wearers back and is surrounded by a plethora of vividly colored flowers including lotuses.The lower half of the wearers back is covered in a graffiti-style piece that uses negative space to emphasize the letters.

The Vantage Point, a black tree runs up the left side of the wearers back with rightward running branches.The ravens wings wrap around the wearers left shoulder blade while the tail descends the wearers back.

Therefore, even if you use sunscreen, you should cover your upper back tattoo to limit the exposure to sun.Full Color Shoulder Blade Pieces The portrait of a woman in a head wrap, sun hat, and day of the dead face paint is depicted in a myriad of colors on the wearers left shoulder blade.

Anchor A black and gray rope-wrapped anchor is pictured at the base of the wearers neck.Contents: Source, tattoos on upper back can be seen in a variety of styles and sizes.