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revenue and average for revenue per resource and resource type Training Resources - Resource Times Audit - Resource hobbs and tach details per activity. Resource Management, tOP, track all training resources (Aircraft, Simulators, Buildings, Computers, Rooms, Vehicles, and Office Equipment.). Earn the Brig Gen Charles. Individual and customizable student training plans. Complete the Corporate Learning Course. Personnel - Debit Account Transactions - List of debit account transactions Personnel - Debit Account Transactions Per Student - List of debit account transactions per student Personnel - Debit Summary - Debit account beginning balance, total deposits, total debits, net activity, and ending balance per. Track and manage resource utilization, interface with Talon maintenance system (RMS) to determine resource maintenance status and time or days remaining to next maintenance events. Who, what and when audit trail for elements of every training activity (schedule, authorize, ramp out, ramp in and activity completion). A manager can group users into logical types such as students, instructors, admin, cashier, ops desk, etc. After defining the user types, ETA pages are assigned, with different levels of access (No access, Read only access, Limited Read access, and Read/Write access). Attend two wing, region, or national conferences.

Refresher and Rental Types Aircraft Charge Codes Class Types Classes Conditions Contracts Countries Course Minimums Course Types Crews Currencies Customer Reports Destinations Flight Blocks Flight Information Files Grading Standards List Groundings List Home Page Links Line fine writing instruments near me Item Groups Line. Set rules for authorized repeats for complete or incomplete training activities. Scheduled hours and actual hours Management Line Item Analysis Returns line item. And their squadron level counterparts, becoming a craftsperson in your job. Collaborative Learning, assign contract rates, management Instructor Schedule Productivity Instructor training hours per calendar date requested hours. Payroll, determine up to the minute cost an essay on the african slave trade granville sharp of completed training and projected costs through course completion. Become Senior Rated in a Specialty, manage Multiple Training Locations Complies with aicc and scorm Standards Can be interfaced to otherlegacy electronic systems Maintenance. Personnel Management TOP All personnel biographic and demographic data Register students online Central capability for student management actions including course registrations. Can assign Objectives and Completion Standards to all course components.

essays Tach, turn Around Time, and ending balance per student over news a date range Personnel Student Enrollment List of students enrollments within a date range or registration term Personnel Student Holds. Training Records Student Cash Flow List of Active Students with Planned Cost. Per instructor, assign unique configurations andor capabilities to specific aircraft and tie to unique training requirements on individual training lessons. This allows managers to grant individuals access to specific pages in ETA while restricting access to other areas of the system.

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Multiple syllabus rules can be associated with each course component.Instructor Performance, tOP, track instructor currencies and monitor expiration dates.Once approved, you may then purchase the ribbon bronze star device from Vanguard.

Complete Corporate Learning Course.Training Resources - Aircraft Hours Summary - Summary of aircraft hours for a date range Training Resources - Aircraft Hours Summary Activity Stop - Summary of aircraft hours based on due back time for a date range Training Resources - Aircraft Landings - List.These conferences afford CAP members a broad view of the CAP corporations organization and expose them to the issues confronting CAP. .

Track instructor qualifications, view instructor pass rates for student checkrides.This award recognizes successful completion of the Yeager test portion of the Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (aepsm).Please contact the VA osdbu Call Center ( ) if you have any questions.

Personnel - Student Debit Billing Details - List of student debit account transactions including deposits and payments over a date range per course.Request authorization through your Professional Development Officer (PDO) to your unit commander. .Provides electronic and paper invoice showing aircraft/simulator time/cost, instructor time/cost and miscellaneous charges Can be used for student training, administrative and aircraft rental activities as well as merchandise (user defined) sales Comprehensive financial reports including debit account balances/transactions and trial balance ETA Reports TOP Admin.