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Substr(Field Or Expr, Start Index, Length) Text trim Returns X with leading and trailing whitespace removed.The data model contains data imported from the AdventureWorksDW sample database.Acos(X) Arithmetic asin Returns the inverse hyperbolic sine.

LT Get most frequently occurring numbers number1number2.Mina Return smallest value.However, DAX functions are based on the datetime data types used by Microsoft SQL Server.

Learn more regexp_replace(A, 'a-z 'A Text replace Returns a copy of X with all occurrences of Y in X replaced.Fixed, rounds a number to the specified number of decimals and returns the result as text.

Sqrt(X) Arithmetic TAN Returns the tangent.Financial accrint Get accrued interest periodic idfdsdrateparfreqbasiscalc accrintm Get accrued interest at maturity idsdrateparbasis amordegrc Depreciation for accounting period coefficient amorlinc Depreciation for accounting period coupdaybs Get days from coupon period to settlement date coupdays Get days in coupon period incl settlement date coupdaysnc Get.

Vara Get variation of a sample number1number2.Reference choose Get a value from a list based on position index_numvalue1value2.Note that either X or Y must be an expression that has at least one field; the other can be a text literal.