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The set of values of the enumeration type is the same as the set of values of the underlying type."The Building of Popular Images: Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe".For example, 123 is a literal of type int and 'a' is a literal of type char.

At run-time, each type parameter is bound to a run-time type that was specified by supplying a type argument to the generic type declaration.D is statically typed.Friedman, Roger (September 7, 2005 "Fonda Puts Brakes on Bus Tour", FOX News; retrieved April 2, 2006.

Eagle Large Print, USA, 1993. .A new expression ( Object creation expressions ) can only be used with a type parameter if the type parameter is constrained by a constructor_constraint or the value type constraint ( Type parameter constraints )."Fonda joins Jerusalem demo".

You can call the type(of function with an instance of a type to access that instances dynamic, runtime type as a value, as the following example shows: class SomeBaseClass class func printClassName print SomeBaseClass class SomeSubClass: SomeBaseClass override class func printClassName print SomeSubClass let someInstance.Positive infinity and negative infinity.

If you dont provide an initial value when you declare an optional variable or property, its value automatically defaults to nil.A compile-time error occurs if one or more of a type parameter's constraints are not satisfied by the given type arguments.She reached a settlement with the studio in March: it included a new contract to be made later in the year, and a starring role in the film version of the Broadway play The Seven Year Itch, for which she was to receive a bonus.